US Bulk Fuel Delivery

Customer Organized Group  (COG)


2013-02-14 11.00.30


Primary NAICS Code: 424720 Fuel Delivery

Primary Requirement: Fuel Delivery

Program Description: AHNTECH is responsible for supply, delivery, accounting, and product quality assurance of ground fuels to geographically separated locations within many states to satisfy 2 separate Customer Organized Group (COG) contracts under Posts, Camps, and Stations (PC&S), Purchase Program (PP).

Quality Control: AHNTECH has implemented a strong Quality Control program for the COG  contracts, focusing on prevention of unacceptable performance. Implementing a team Quality approach wherein all employees are involved in working for a better process, a better service, and/or a better mission result has proven successful.

Reporting and Recordkeeping: AHNTECH employees process transactions to the Paperless Ordering & Receipt Transaction Screens (PORTS) Internet Application on the DLA-Energy website. In the event an order is placed by the POC, it is processed by AHNTECH through PORTS within three hours of receipt.

Product Quality: AHNTECH Product Quality Control Plan follows and adheres to MIL STD 3004 regarding receiving, blending, sampling, and testing of the various types of petroleum products. AHNTECH operators ensure that all measuring capabilities are properly calibrated and certified.

Calibration Program: Calibration of testing and measuring equipment is in accordance with ISO 10012-1, “”Quality Assurance Requirements for Measuring Equipment, Part I”” or equivalent local regulation, as appropriate.

Delivery/Transportation: During delivering of products, AHNTECH ensures that quality control seals are not broken on subcontractors’ delivery tankers. Samples are tested according to their specification outline on MIL-STD-3004. This ensures that products being received meet quality specifications and prevent product commingling with another type of petroleum product.