Bulk Fuel Storage encompasses fuels distribution via hydrant systems and mobile equipment; inventory and accounting; quality surveillance; refueling maintenance; cryogenics; and the ground products automated military service stations. DLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Business Unit acquired AHNTECH to fulfill its mission in operation and maintenance of aviation and ground fuel bulk storage on an Air Force installation.  AHNTECH operates existing bulk fuel storage facilities in support of normal base operations, deployments, exercises, contingencies and during periods of heightened security.

Fuel operations at the bulk fuel facility are safely and efficiently conducted in order to receive, store, transfer, issue, and account for petroleum products with the appropriate controls required to maintain inventory accuracy and ensure fuel quality.

Overview of Operation

– Product Quality Assurance

– Environmental

– Security

– Safety

– Transportation

– Reporting and Recordkeeping

AHNTECH is responsible for providing the necessary personnel and resources during required hours of operation at the bulk storage facility to ensure safe, accurate, and timely receipt, storage, transfer, and issue of on specification DWCF-owned petroleum products. AHNTECH performs maintenance to ensure the bulk storage facility and associated system remain operational to meet the base mission.