Fuel Operations requires AHNTECH to safely and efficiently conduct to receive, store, transfer, issue, and account for petroleum products with appropriate controls to ensure fuel quality and inventory accuracy.  In the event of failure of the existing bulk storage facilities resulting in extended downtime, AHNTECH is required to perform the same functioning using an alternative storage system provided by the government.

Fuel Operations includes Facilities/Operator/Preventive and Building and Grounds Maintenance.  To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, AHNTECH instructs employees on how to eliminate hazards and how to comply with applicable safety requirements.

AHNTECH complies with environmental protection, safety, and security directives.  We also ensure all personnel are adequately trained and certified to perform job tasks prior to operating or maintaining bulk fuel storage and distribution systems unsupervised.  AHNTECH complies with all applicable federal, state, local, and international laws, regulations, and policies within the contract effort.