Osan Air Base

Doc123Operation and Maintenance of Bulk Fuel Storage Facility

AHNTECH is responsible for maintain all facilities, systems, and equipment to a standard that prevents deterioration beyond that which results from normal wear and tear and corrects deficiencies in a timely manner to assure full life expectancy of facilities, systems, and equipment. As Contractors, AHNTECH ensures all personnel are adequately trained to perform job tasks to include operating bulk fuel storage and distribution systems, performing maintenance on associated systems, maintaining the security of facilities, and complying with environmental protection and safety directives.

AHNTECH performs required maintenance to ensure the bulk storage facility and associated systems remain operational to meet the base mission. We also provide detailed plans to meet performance requirements including the Contract Compliance Plan.  Our safety program instructs employees how to eliminate the hazards or cope with them in a safe manner complying with safety requirements.  Providing a detailed maintenance plan for all facilities, equipment, and system components, AHNTECH identifies the frequencies, methods, and procedures for accomplishing maintenance objectives in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, best commercial practice, and industry standards.

Upon contract initiation, AHNTECH develops a maintenance plan into a Recurring Work Program (RWP) which will cover all maintenance aspects for the safe, efficient, and economical operation of petroleum storage and dispensing systems.