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Primary NAICS Code: 541513 Computer Facilities Management Services

Primary Requirement: Base Operations / Facilities Management

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Luke AFB, AZ, Gila Bend Auxiliary Field, AZ, and Tyndall AFB, FL

Secondary Requirements:

  • Base Operations / Facilities Management
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • IT Professional Services
  • Maintenance Support Services
  • Modeling / Simulation
  • Software Development
  • Software Support
  • System Design and Architecture

 Program Description:

The Air Combat Training System (ACTS) is an advanced training program developed to improve aircrew proficiency and evaluate aircrew efficiency in the tactical air combat environment.  All maneuvers of the aircraft in a range area are displayed, as they occur, in three-dimensional graphics, at a graphics workstation on the ground.  Without requiring the use of live weapons, the system enables aircrews to recognize weapons envelope boundaries, observe the results of weapons firing/delivery techniques, and exercise tactics – all in the context of a realistically simulated hostile environment.


AHNTECH provides the operations and maintenance support for a number of Active, Reserve, and National Guard Fighter Units across the country from Florida to Arizona and from Gulfport, Mississippi to Volk Field, Wisconsin.

Within the realm of support, the concept provides Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) support for host and visiting units.

Additionally, we support USAF test programs, technical evaluations, aircraft integration and employment, and weapons simulation development at several sites.  We also provide technical evaluation of the ACMI ranges for innovative improvements and upgrades to the tracking and display systems, pods, and support equipment.


Generally, each site provides some elemental training support for those units who choose to use the ACMI training.  These system elements primarily include digitized and recorded flight feedback, displaying a “ birds eye” perspective of the fore and aft section of a target engagement, Electronic threats simulating foreign “Bad Guy” a number of Surface to Air Missile electronic signal attacks, Smokey Sam threats which provide a definitive visual (smoke and a trail) simulating a Surface-to-Air missile, etc.  This training is afforded to a variety of needy Air Force, Navy, Guard, and Reserve units for the U.S. Military.

AHNTECH operates and maintains ACMI Range Operations Control Center (ROCC) operations and coordination, provides ACMI aircraft pod loading, systems/subsystems maintenance, operates remote debrief station operations and maintenance, and last but not least, the continuous ACMI Debriefing system which provides aircrews with clear, direct feed back immediately following their flight.

Since contract inception on 1 October 2002, AHNTECH’s employees have displayed a totally different customer support regimen than the predecessors.

Our employees were indoctrinated with a Pro-Active stance toward the customer.  Accordingly, they seek out to assist and solve problems to improve the mission.  The pro-active efforts displayed by the ACTS site employees were so upbeat that the Program Manager as well as each site manager has received positive feedback from the AETC Program Manager as well as all on site Government Quality Representatives.