Dobri Dol Home

doc2 Dobri Dol Home for Elderly with Dementia  



Primary NAICS Code: 236220 Design and Construction, Renovation

Primary Requirement: Design and Construction, Renovation

Place of Performance: Dobri Dol, Bulgaria

Program Description:

The Work under this contract included the design and construction for the alterations, modifications and improvements to the interior and exterior of the Home for Elderly with Dementia Home for the Elderly in Dobri Dol: This was a Design-Build project, and it included the design and installation of a new roof, alterations of the old theater spaces, and painting. No work was done until the design was properly finalized. In addition to the work described, the AHNTECH painted all exterior surfaces of the building and the internal ceilings in those rooms where there is damage caused by water infiltrations. Additionally AHNTECH provided a bronze plaque at the entrance with 2 logos and the wording was provided by the Contracting Officer. In some rooms, there was clear evidence of water infiltration through the roof, which had caused damages to the paint of the ceiling. In those rooms with any evidence of water infiltration, the AHNTECH repaired the damages and painted the entire ceiling of that particular room or space.