Community Centers

Sliven municipality cultural and community centers 

Customer: NAVFAC Europe Africa Southwest Asia

Primary NAICS Code: 236 — Construction of Buildings 

Primary Requirement: Design and Construction, Renovation

Place of Performance: South-East Bulgaria

Program Description:

Gorno Alexandronovo Community Center: The Gorno Alexandrovo Community Center required extensive roof and ceiling repair and compliance with a new wheelchair ramp. The ceiling required AHNTECH to remove the ceiling and install a new one with similar finishes to the exiting one. All work was in compliance with the applicable construction Codes in Bulgaria.

AHNTECH has executed in Gorno Alexandrovo Community Center a design and construction of a new supporting structure, new thermal insulation, repairs to the interior and exterior of the Community Center, including the main theater room, the entrance, stairs, and other spaces in the ground and second floors. It also includes the complete repairs to the areas that suffered a fire.

Kaloyanovo Community Center: The work includes the completion of the construction of the Community Center in the village of Kaloyanovo. This project completed the construction and finishing works together with all the necessary installations and provided a fully operational building.

RozaCommunity Center: The work included the repairs to the roof, replacement of windows, fixing the floor of the library and painting inside and outside of the building.

The three buildings had the windows and doors replaced with new PVC frames, the internal works included the replacement of the flooring, sanitary rooms renovation, new drop ceiling, roof repairs, new installations – HVAC, electrical installation, water and sewage system piping. The external improvement of the three Centers were completed through repairs of entrance stairs, design and construction of new ramp with stainless steel rails, exterior lighting. The facades were painted.