Graf Ignatievo

We have executed renovation and repair works in Graf Ignatievo kindergarten center as follows: Refurbishment of hallway and classroom floors; replacement of verandas, doors and windows.

Ahntech removed the old linoleum from the Graf Ignatievo Kindergarten’s and installed Polythene Visqueen sheet to the original Wood Flooring.  To level the flooring a 21mm water resistant plywood has been applied followed by a 2mm thickness isolation pad and finished with a Class 32 simulated “high” grade wood replica laminate flooring.

We removed the existing Main Entrance Veranda, the exterior Kitchen Veranda and replaced it with a new PVC insulated panels and door without a threshold.  The frame and door are a high-grade aluminum and windows are the insulated PVC Q60 Model 5 Chamber, Class A. The structure of the Kitchen Veranda is a sandwich panel metal roof, rain gutter, and metal framework.  Concrete flooring was poured, leveled and finished. The Concrete Pad is designed to have a slight 10cm slope and the doorway Pad a 60 cm slope for drainage.

On this Contract as it is on all the Ahntech’s projects we followed strictly the quality of the products incorporated in the building and the protection of the environment through the application of rigorous measures for the individual protective equipment, securing all on-site equipment and the regular cleaning of the construction materials.