Former Bulk Fuel Contracts

Doc1Customer Organized Groups 4, 7, & 8(COG4, COG7, & COG8)



Primary NAICS Code: 424720 Fuel Delivery

Primary Requirement: Fuel Delivery

Place of Performance: Idaho, Georgia, Mississippis, North Carolina and South Carolina

Program Description:

AHNTECH was responsible for supply, delivery, accounting, and product quality assurance of ground fuels to geographically separated locations within three states under these Customer Organized Group (COG) contracts under Posts, Camps, and Stations (PC&S), Purchase Program (PP) 3.24.

Quality Control:

AHNTECH has implemented a strong Quality Control program for the COG 8 contract focusing on prevention of unacceptable performance. Implementing a team Quality approach wherein all employees are involved in working for a better process, a better service, and/or a better mission result has proven very successful.

Although AHNTECH strived to minimize the need for deviations from requirements by foreseeing and obviating need for deviations, we will implement operational changes when any such need arises or is identified by the Government.  When discrepancies or customer complaints are received, our management team provides a rapid response that addresses the root cause of the problem and focuses on preventing its recurrence.

Reporting and Recordkeeping:

AHNTECH employees processed transactions to the Paperless Ordering & Receipt Transaction Screens (PORTS) Internet Application on the DLA-Energy website. In the event an order was placed by the POC, it is processed by AHNTECH through PORTS within three hours of receipt.  AHNTECH ensures the ground fuel is delivered within the specified time designated by the POC, usually within 48 hours.  We ensured that the destination, product, gallons, taxes match within PORTS. All rejected transactions are cleared within two working days.

Prior to delivery of fuel, the operator ensures seals are intact, inspects tank vehicle for leaks upon arrival of tank vehicle at fuel point, and verifies that the quantity received on the receipt document agrees with the tank vehicles meter reading after complete discharge.

Ground Fuels:

AHNTECH Product Quality Control Plan follows and adheres to MIL STD 3004 regarding receiving, blending, sampling, and testing of the various types of petroleum products. AHNTECH operators ensure that all measuring capabilities are properly calibrated and certified.  Manual gauging has been implemented as a back-up measurement in case the Automated Tank Gauging is down. Operators are trained to manually gauge and properly report results.

Calibration Program:

Calibration of testing and measuring equipment is in accordance with ISO 10012-1, “”Quality Assurance Requirements for Measuring Equipment, Part I”” or equivalent local regulation, as appropriate. Meter proving (used to determine quantity) must comply with the American Petroleum Institute Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapters 4, 5, and 6, or equivalent foreign standard. For any item that requires calibration but is not covered by ASTM, API, or IP publications, the applicable manufacturer’s recommended calibration method(s) outlined in the applicable industry publication shall be used if acceptable to the Government.  Calibration will be the responsibility of the subcontractor storing and transporting the fuel.


During delivering of products, AHNTECH ensures that quality control seals are not broken on subcontractors’ delivery tankers. Subcontractors verify each receipt for each product being delivered to ensure that receipts match the type of fuel that is being received. The receipts have the vendor’s name, delivering company’s name, temperature, and gravity of the product. Petroleum products requiring testing upon receipt to the truck or upon delivery at the site have testing and sampling accomplished before the on or off loading begins. Testing procedures follow what is outlined in the ASTM manuals. Samples are tested according to their specification outline on MIL-STD-3004. This ensures that products being received meet quality specifications and prevent product commingling with another type of petroleum product. After verification of the product, operators make a record of type of product, time/date, Vendor, Delivery Company, seal number, start meter reading, and the receiving station or tanks. Once receiving is complete, the Subcontractor signs the bill of lading and record the ending meter reading to verify the amount that is received. This procedure ensures that every gallon ordered is actually received and accounted for. If the amount of does not match the paperwork or the Subcontractor believes that there is a loss after receiving, an investigation will be done.




3 Year Estimated Quantity


Gowen Field, ID GUR 55,000
Gowen Field, ID DS2 244,000
Grasmere, ID DS2 484,000
Mountain Home AFB, ID DS1 170,000
Grasmere, ID DS1 48,000


Location Product 3 Year Estimated Quantity(gallons)
Ft. Stewart, GA GUR 103,200
Ft. Stewart, GA DSS 300,000
Ft. Stewart, GA DS2 210,000
Ft. Stewart, GA DS2 63,000
Ahoskie, NC DSS 60,000
Greenville, SC DSS 72,900
Greenwood, SC DSS 62,200
Rock Hill, SC DSS 47,700
Gulfport, MS DS1 72,000
Brunswick, GA DS2 38,600
Savannah, GA DS2 79,200