Jackal Stone



Customer: ARMY»409TH CSB/ECC-E

Primary NAICS Code: 424720 Fuel Delivery

Place of Performance: Novo Selo, BUL, Turgu Mures, Romania

Program Description:

AHNTECH furnished personnel and equipment to accomplish work required of the delivery and distribution of ground fuel, both diesel and benzene, outlined in this contract and per the schedule outlined below.

The grade of fuel for Benzene was Research Octane Number (RON) 92.

AHNTECH provided fuel services daily at specified locations and provided diesel and benzene as required starting on 13 September 2011 through 23 September

AHNTECH provided the necessary equipment and personnel to fuel approximately four (4) 35K generators, more than eight (8) military tactical vehicles and several portable fuel cans located at the different locations above listed. We were required to fuel the equipment and fuel cans once a day, with the possibility of a second re-fuel per day on-call if required. We met the stringent requirement of meeting an allowed four hour window to deliver on call emergent requirements outlined by the contracting officer representative.

AHNTECH also employed HAZMAT spill and response kits in accordance with local and national laws and regulations. In addition, our personnel met all security criteria, submitted required information, and obtained required documentation and clearances in accordance with local and national laws. We were responsible for meeting all requirements associated with Installation Access Control.