Logistical Ground Support

DSC00102_102_095 - Copy - CopyLogistical Ground Support Program (LGSP)


Customer: NATO » NATO HQ, Petrovec Airfield, Skopje Macedonia

Primary NAICS Code: 561210 Facilities Support Services

Place of Performance: Skopie, Macedonia

Primary Requirement: Life Support Services

Program Description:

The AHNTECH mission with respect to the scope of this contract was to provide labor, supervision, equipment, materials and other services necessary to manage and perform custodial functions for NATO HQ. Petrovec Airfield was located in North Central Macedonia near Skopje and is utilized by US and allied forces in joint training missions in support of the global war on terror.

AHNTECH provided all labor, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide support to AirScan (a NATO contractor) at the Skopje International Airport, Petrovec Airfield, Skopje, Macedonia.  AHNTECH performed such services as general equipment maintenance (generator and forklift maintenance & repair, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, concrete & asphalt, etc.), landscaping services (grass cutting and snow removal), and waste disposal etc. AHNTECH also supplied guards Under NATO contract IFIB-ACO-KFOR-07-62, AHNTECH provided all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and other items necessary to successfully provide airfield services in support of AirScan Inc. operations at Petrovec Airfield in Skopje Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Specific Contract Functions Performed:

  1. Program Management and Administration
  2. Generator Maintenance and Repair
  3. Civil Engineering Functions including:
    1. Electrical, plumbing and carpentry work
    2. Asphalt and concrete work
    3. Maintenance of 5,000 square foot airfield ramp
    4. Maintenance of water tanks (potable and waste)
    5. O&M of light towers and clamshell hanger (including lighting and HVAC)
  4. Snow Removal, Refuse Disposal and Landscaping Services
  5. Hazardous Waste Disposal – AHNTECH personnel were responsible for ensuring hazardous materials are properly handled during storage and use and wastes are properly monitored, collected, and disposed of.  This included obtaining manufacturers information regarding the hazardous product, reviewing safe and environmentally sound practices for use of the products, and accounting for the items until disposal.
  6. Maintenance and disposal of NATO Furnished Equipment – AHNTECH employees were responsible for maintenance of equipment provided by NATO under this contract.
  7. Janitorial/Housekeeping

Specific Project Experience:

While Civil Engineering aspects of this contract are critical to mission accomplishment, the generator maintenance functions form the majority of the work accomplished.  Experienced AHNTECH personnel performed a wide array of generator maintenance ranging from minor periodic inspections to major overhaul efforts including replacing crank shafts, bearings, pistons, cylinders, values, pushrods, water pump, injector pump, fuel injectors, complete gasket set, DC alternator, starting heater, thermostat, oil pump, fly wheel, and some parts on the alternating current generator such as rotor bearings.