Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment (MHE) for Novo Selo Training Area (NSTA), Bulgaria


Customer: ARMY » Regional Contracting Office, Bavaria » US Army Contracting Agency, USACCE, Germany

Primary NAICS Code: 532490 Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing

Place of performance: Novo Selo, Bulgaria

Primary Requirement: Materiel Handling Equipment Services

Program Description:

The contractor shall provide material handling equipment services in Bulgaria at theNovo Selo Training Area in support of US and Coalition Forces as specified in this (SOW) Statement of Work. The Novo Selo area refers to the Rail Station located in BDC Tovarni Prevazi Burgas, 24 Maratz Street, 8690 Zimnitsa Rail Station and the LSA located in Mokren Village Sliven Municipality, Bulgaria. For cranes this includes the Novo Selo training area and the Rail Station located at Zimnitsa Bulgaria. Bulgarian and/or American Military Police will escort along roads as necessary. The Novo Selo Training Area refers to the entirety of the training area, ranging from the Life Support Area in t Mokren Village Sliven Municipality. The contractor shall perform these services for the period of performance and as specified in this SOW. The US Government gives no guarantee of future services and reserves the right to terminate this contract for either default or convenience.

The contractor shall establish and operate a material operations section at or near the Mokren Village Sliven Municipality and the Rail Station at Zimitza Rail Station areas NSTA (Bulgaria).

The contractor shall perform the mission of Material Handling Equipment Operation (MHE) to include Container Handling Equipment Operation (CHE), at Novo Selo Training Area (NSTA) and other nodes as directed by the ACO. Military cargo includes but is not limited to MILVANs, ISU and palletized material. The MHE/CHE services include but are not limited to container and material handling operations and organizing the container yard. Damaged vehicles must be replaced within 24 hours.

Material / Container Handling Equipment (MHE). The contractor shall provide MHE support to include equipment operators and support staff including three cargo handling specialists for the receipt, upload, download, and storage for all supplies and equipment. The Contractor shall operate MHE, Rough Terrain Cargo Handling (RTCH) in support of railhead, Ammunition Holding / Storage Area (AHA/ASP), (SSA) supply support activity, HAZMAT, and mail mission. The Contractor shall have qualified personnel and equipment to upload and download cargo from BDC Tovarni Prevazi Burgas, 24 Maratz Street, 8690 Zimnitsa Rail Station and the Novo Selo Training area located in Mokren Village Sliven Municipality, Bulgaria. Material and container handling support operations shall operate 7 days a week, 10 hours per day.

Coordination with Movement Control Teams. The Contractor shall receive and execute TMR tasking as generated by the Army Movement Control Team and work with the Movement Control Team to coordinate movement and receipt of containers or as directed by the ACO/PCO.

Material & Container Handling Equipment: The Contractor shall provide all vehicles and/or operators as set forth in the in the CLIN and ELIN structure as required in each Task Order. Number of vehicles required for each CLIN or ELIN will vary. At a minimum the Contractor shall provide MHE per Table 1. MHE required at NSTA (Bulgaria)

Contractor should make provisions for additional employees to compensate for any loss of employee workforce due to vacation, sickness, unforeseen event etc. In the event of any employee loss, awaiting Base Access will not be considered an adequate excuse for failure to provide contracted services.

The Contractor shall provide Vehicle recovery services as required for disabled MHE vehicles.

Damage to vehicles by Government personnel: Contactor must report damages to COR, contractor in turn must submit claim for actual repair costs for reimbursement to the KO for approval and payment. Damages to vehicles operated by contractor personnel will be the sole responsibility of the contractor.

Government Furnished Equipment (GFE). The US government will not furnish personnel, equipment or materials. The sole exception is for Army personnel to assist in the operation of crane(s). The contractor will be responsible for arranging with the COR to conduct training in the use of any crane related equipment (ex: container handler units, guy lines, ladders, etc.).

The contractor is responsible for all fees or tolls associated with border crossings, port entries, etc.

The Contractor shall accommodate late arrival, early release pick-up, holiday schedules, training days, and exercises.

The U.S. government reserves the right to adjust the number and types of vehicles required.

Dispatch. The Contractor shall provide the equipment, supplies, personnel, administration and management required to plan, organize, facilitate, direct, control and perform MHE operations to support the execution of mission. The Contractor shall maintain vehicle dispatch records as part of its vehicle control program. The Contractor shall maintain logbooks for each MHE vehicle, containing vehicle breakdown guidance, recovery service, accident reporting, and vehicle turn-in procedures. The Contractor shall dispatch vehicles with logbooks.

The contractor shall be responsible for vehicle washing, fueling, maintenance and assigning vehicles to customers on an as needed basis. Damaged or MHE needing repair must be replaced within 24 hours.