Adazi Supply Logistics

P1010276_800Pressure Washer for Saber Strike 11 Adazi Military Training Area, Latvia

Printers, Copiers and Scanner for Saber Strike 11 Adazi Military Training Area, Latvia



Primary NAICS Code: 811310 Purchase Order/ Supply

Primary Requirement: Supply

Place of Performance: Adazi Military Training Area, Latvia

Program Description:

AHNTECH provided equipment and services at the Adazi Training Area (ATA), Latvia, as specified in this Statement of Work (SOW). We provided all equipment, personnel, delivery, and supplies required to conduct this service.

Scope of Work:

AHNTECH  repaired, maintained, and managed the pressure washing equipment located at ATA, from 28 OCT 2010 to 7 NOV2010. The contractor ensured that soldiers understood wash rack procedures and exercise safety precautions and are supplied with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use during operation of pressure washers. We were responsible for the proper operation of the pressure washer systems. We maintained the pressure system within the limits of the government recommendations. We complied with all applicable environmental laws and regulations maintaining a clean and safe work environment, to include secondary containment under all equipment requiring refuel, petroleum and chemical storage, and retail activities. We maintained the operating parameters such as flows, tank levels and water pressures.


On Site Response. The Contractor responded to onsite service calls with qualified technicians within four (4) hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday, including government holidays for all equipment. The response time measurement started when the Contractor received calls from an authorized employee. The Contractor repaired equipment within four hours of notification, and replace equipment within 8 hours of notification.  During hours of operation the Contractor provided a supervisor to oversee pressure wash operations.

Contractor Furnished Items. Contractor provided four total 3600 psi capacity, pressure washer systems. All four (4) were located at Adazi Training Area. The contractor ensured that contractor personnel are properly trained and prepared for a safe and efficient operation of the pressure washer systems and all of its integrated processes, equipment and procedures.


AHNTECH provided the following services:

Maintenance. The Contractor performed both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and routine repair. The Contractor provided all parts, labor, and expertise necessary to complete required maintenance and routine repair tasks.

Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning. The contractor prepared preventive maintenance routines for all equipment (as appropriate), in order to maintain the equipment in a constant state of operability. Such routines were presented to the COR and the Contracting Office for approval upon request.