Romania & Bulgaria Jet Fuel

Picture 031Aviation Fuel Delivery Romania and Bulgaria


Customer: ARMY» 409th CSB/ECC-E

Primary NAICS Code: 424720 Fuel Delivery

Primary Requirement: Fuel Delivery

Place of Performance: Bezmer Airfield, Bulgaria, Campia Turzii Airfield, Romania, Constanta, Romania

Program Description:

AHNTECH met the government procurement requirements of Fuel Jet A1 for use in Bulgarian and Romanian aircrafts stationed at Bezmer Airfield, Bulgaria; Campia Turzii Airfield, Romania; and MK Air Force Constanta, Romania respectively and per schedule below.

Our contract duties included providing aviation fuel (JET-A1) via ground to the military airfields identified and for which addresses are being provided below. We were responsible for transferring the fuel from our transporting unit into the in ground existing storage tanks or in fuel trucks available at each receiving site. We were responsible for coordinating fuel deliveries with the receiving activity and requesting base access. Our employees met all security requirements and were able to secure all required clearances.

AHNTECH delivered the procured fuel within the window of 6-12 of September 2011. We furnished all personnel and equipment to accomplish work required of the delivery and distribution of aviation fuel (JET A1) outlined by this contract.