Tvarditsa Renovation Project

Doc1Tvarditsa Mental Health Center Humanitarian Renovation Project



Primary NAICS Code: 236220 Design and Construction, Renovation

Primary Requirement: Design and Construction, Renovation

Place of Performance: Tvarditsa, Bulgaria

Program Description:

The Village of Tvarditsa, Sliven Municipality, Bulgaria

Under this contract, AHNTECH was responsible for construction efforts in support of a US Army Bulgarian Humanitarian project to restore the facility at the Tvarditsa Mental Health Center.  This contract was one of a group of projects solicited together but awarded individually as funding arrived. While the individual cost of the Tvarditsa Mental Health Center Renovation did not exceed the $75,000 threshold, the consolidated amount of the projects awarded did.

Renovation at Tvardista including providing new doors, door frames, and windows. Old nonfunctional items were replaced with KMG Altest PVC framed windows allowing the additional of security bars. Also similar in nature, AHNTECH will use the logistical methods applied to this project for the work at the Dobri Dol Home for the Elderly with Dementia. Materials will be acquired from the immediate area whenever possible to ensure local availability of the product in the event a need for replacement or repair arises at any point in the future.  To the extent possible, this method also provides an economic boost to the community.