POL – Chinhae

Commander Fleet Activities, Chinhae, South Korea


Maintenance and Testing of Transportation Motor Pool (TMP)

Petroleum, Oil and Lubrication (POL) System

AHNTECH implements all necessary work control procedures to ensure timely accomplishment of work requirements, as well as to permit tracking and reporting of work in progress. We schedule work to assure material, labor, and equipment availability to complete work requirements within the specified time limits and in conformance with established quality standards.

AHNTECH provides preservation and/or restoration of a piece of equipment, system, or facility to such condition that it may be effectively used for its designated purposes. Maintenance/ repair may be adjustment, overhaul, reprocessing, or replacement of constituent parts or materials that are missing or have deteriorated by action of the elements or usage, or replacement of the entire unit or system if beyond economical repair.

AHNTECH’s maintenance plan includes repair or replacement of obsolete, worn, broken, or inoperative building components or systems.  Management includes but is not limited to planning, scheduling, cost accounting, report preparation, establishing and maintain records, and quality control.