Zlatograd Renovation Project

Customer: NAVFAC Europe Africa Southwest Asia

Primary Requirement: Design and Construction, Renovation

Place of Performance: Zlatograd, Bulgaria

Program Description:

AHNTECH supports NAVFAC in this vital humanitarian project to refurnish the facilities of four kindergartens in the municipatilty of Zlatograd.  This contract for humanitarian assistance provided by the US Embassy and NAVFAC improves the social environment in the border area between Bulgaria and Greece.

Renovation works at Zlatograd, Startsevo and Dolen include providing energy efficient facades, new roof, new heating and replacement of all old doors, windows, flooring and internal utility installations. AHNTECH will use the logistical methods applied to this project for the work at the Dobri Dol Home for the Elderly with Dementia.

AHNTECH applies strict safety controls during construction and renovation activities; especially as the community kindergartens are functioning during project execution. Through the assistance of the US Embassy in Bulgaria, AHNTECH engages in regular information campaigns among the community in order to promote the customer as well as explain upcoming site construction and renovation activities.